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Mark Edgar Stuart

Hi, I'm Mark, I'm a long time Memphis musician/ side man/ singer song writer/ dog dad. 

Originally hailing from the great state of Arkansas, I'm a self proclaimed connoisseur or cheese dip and anything under the sun.. especially the studio. Click the picture for a link to my inner most deepest secrets or my website. 

Nina Kathleen Jones

Pronounced the southern way! N(eye)na

Rock'n'roll y'all

I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing all things Sun Studio since 2014. 

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Lahna Deering

Totally killin' it.

Life mantra: We're gonna love music, love ourselves, and love others and everything's gonna be alright. Can I get a hell yeah!?

Click on my photo to hear some rad music from Deering and Down..

Graham Winchester

Graham Winchester is a multi-instrumentalist who performs with nine bands in Memphis, including Winchester and the Ammunition, Jack Oblivian, Devil Train, and the MD's. Born and raised in the city, he enjoys contributing to the local music scene as much as possible, often times performing most nights of the week. He is also a husband, father, and lover of vintage instruments/clothing.

Jason Freeman

Mr. Mysterious

Hex and Hell. That's Jason Freeman for ya! Click the picture to hear music that will change your life. 

Daniel Crockett

When he's not giving studio tours or recording music at Sun, Crockett can be found at record stores around Memphis smashing copies of Graham Winchester records.

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Lydia Fletcher


Clara McGrath

English is not my first language. Luckily, music is universal.

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Zach Ozburn

Elvis Presley: The King

Baby Z: The King of the long game. 

Lisa Gill

"The International milkshake maker" Lisa Gill has been a proud member of the Sun Studio family since 1994! She started off her career working in the kitchen back when it was "Sun Studio Cafe". She served people like Rufus Thomas, Malcom Yelvington, Trisha Yearwood, [insert addition celebrities]. She's now the cafe manager who keeps all the kids in line. 

Tiffany Harmon

Tiffany is a native Memphis, artist and musician. She has been performing as a cover artist and singer/songwriter herself around Memphis for over 15 years. You can catcher her a few nights a week in different bars or breweries playing unique renditions of classic love ballads, jazz, R&B and old country standards. Her Biggest influences range from Billie Holiday to Hank Williams Sr. Since she began working at Sun Studio in the summer of 2016, she has started adding some of her favorite sun songs to her music catalog. 

Geoff Smith

Hey I’m Geoff! I’m a born and raised Memphian, and Memphis music is a prerequisite for me and every musician from Memphis. I’ve been a musician since I was 9, and was in my first band at 14. I’m a bass player, guitar player, singer, drummer, and keyboardist. I am in a prominent Memphis band called Star & Micey, and I have toured all over North America for many years. I have been in the music business since I was 20 years old, and it has been a journey to say the least. I also teach music at a School of Rock franchise here in town. But with all of that aside, being able to preach the gospel of Rock n Roll in the place where it all started, is a dream come true. There is no place like Sun Studio, and to be a part of it is an absolute honor.

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