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A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis (1960-75) Vol. 2
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A History Of Garage & Frat Bands In Memphis (1960-75) Vol. 2

Rock 'n roll was invented in Memphis. Once that auspicious big bang occurred, the kids in Memphis ran out to Sears, bought cheap guitars, Farfisa organs, and drums, and headed straight to their parent's garages. Over 500 garage rock and fraternity rock bands formed in the Memphis area in the 1960's. This is the music of those bands.

1) The Breakers - Don't Send Me No Flowers

2) Ole Miss Downbeats - Geraldine

3) The Shades - Shady Lady

4) The Percussions - Your Love

5) The Merits - Please, Please Little Girl

6) The Scepters - Little Girls Were Made To Love

7) The Chasers - I Need Your Lovin'

8) The Ponees - Move It, Groove It

9) Tommy Burk & The Counts - Stormy Weather

10) Lawson & Four More - Back For More

11) Ricky & The Rainbows - Going Out of My Mind

12) The Goodees - Condition Red

13) Memphis Nomads - I Wanna Be

14) Village Sound - Sally's Got A Good Thing

15) Honey Jug - Warm City Baby


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