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B.B. King - Greatest Hits
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B.B. King - Greatest Hits

This is when the story gets good, when the struggle, which once seemed interminable, turns to triumph.  These are the magical years for B.B. King, the songs that took him to a place he had long dreamed of reaching.  This is the music that made him and international star, the most famous bluesman in the annals of the venerable art form.  This disc dramaticall documents his transition from the margins of succuess to the mainstream of acclaim.  This is the stuff that guarantees B.B. a fat chapter in the history books.  This is a record of victory over adversity, pleasure over pain.  This is one time where the good guy wins, and wins, and wins some more.

1) Every Day I Have The Blues (Live) 2) Sweet Little Angel (Live) 3) How Blue Can You Get? 4) Paying The Cost To Be The Boss 5) Don't Answer The Door 6) Why I Sing The Blues 7) The Thrill Is Gone 8) I Like To Live The Love 9) Hummingbird 10) To Know You Is To Love You 11) Chains And Things 12) Better Not Look Down 13) Never Make A Move Too Soon 14) There Must Be A Better World Somewhere 15) Playin' With My Friends (with Robert Cray) 16) When Love Comes To Town (with U2)

Price: $17.95